Building e-commerce sites with SpringBoot

As I’ve been working on side projects I realize how much I depend on the tutorials of others to get code or ideas on how to accomplish certain features. I’ve been extremely thankful to have those resource and felt it was time to start giving back with my most recent project.

Most of the sites I have been creating require some fairly fundamental system features. These include

    • authentication and authorization
    • multi-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
    • data encryption
    • user registration
    • email
    • payment integration
    • React user interface

all deployed on OpenStack (referral code for my provider DreamHost So if you are looking to build a system in SpringBoot to support these features then hopefully you will find the upcoming posts helpful.

While I hope these tutorials will be a good starting point for your site, they will only get you started and they themselves are a work in progress. If you find any mistakes or have comments please let me know.

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